Real Property Act Surveys – Certified Title Re-surveys

Real Property Act Surveys – Certified Title Re-Surveys

Occasionally when we survey a property we find that there is a discrepancy between the surveyed boundaries of the land and the boundary dimensions as shown on the Certificate of Title or on earlier survey records obtained from the Lands Titles Office. In such circumstances, we may discuss with our client the various options that exist for maximising the certainty of the boundary locations and for minimising the risk of future boundary disputes. These options may include the lodging of a plan, certified by a Licensed Surveyor, at the Lands Titles Office, so that the definition of the property boundaries is on the public record and available to other surveyors and the general public. We are proud of our ability to consult with our clients and to provide advice as we strive to achieve the best solution for them. We regard consultancy as a very important part of our business.
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