Adelaide Oval Major Re-development

Infrastructure Projects - Adelaide Oval Major Redevelopment

During 2011 Sawley Lock O'Callaghan were engaged to prepare a Detail Survey of Adelaide Oval and environs, from the River Torrens to Pennington Terrace. We mapped all of the existing site features and service infrastructure, for use by the design team of engineers and architects. We later were involved in the set-out of the turf and the measurement of the dimensions of the playing fields for the various configurations of sport that can be played on the Oval. The photos show our team at work on the Adelaide Oval project - from the measurement and recording of site features, to the depthing of the River Torrens for the design of the foot bridge - and the finished product. The last image shows a compilation plan of our survey compared with an equivalent aerial image of the Adelaide Oval complex. Click on the photos to enlarge the image.

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