Expert development surveys services in South Australia

Commercial and Infrastructure Development Surveys

When it comes to providing expert development surveys in the Adelaide area, Sawley Lock O’Callaghan is the smart choice. We are experienced in the measurement and collection of spatial data, and it is, in fact, a large part of our business. We are able to assist architects, engineers, and other professionals in undertaking detail or site surveys to facilitate the design of new structures or infrastructure. We are also experts in assisting builders, local government, and others in the measurement and survey marking of new construction and infrastructure projects.

The expertise that we provide is useful across a whole range of commercial and infrastructure development projects.
man carrying out a detail survey near school
Detail surveys, site surveys, contour surveys, set-out surveys for construction - if you need accurate and detailed survey expertise, you need to contact the highly qualified and knowledgeable surveying specialists here at Sawley Lock O’Callaghan.

Call us now on 08 8344 1522 for quality surveying services

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