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Sub-Dividing and Property Development

A land division involves the division of an existing land parcel or parcels into two or more allotments. Here at Sawley Lock O’Callaghan, we are experts in the managing of land division applications. In fact, it is one of the core parts of our business. Whether the land division is a small one or a large subdivision, we are able to assist clients with the land division process from start to finish, including the following:
  • Evaluating a proposal to divide land against the requirements of the council development plan
  • Preparation and lodging of land division applications
  • Advising clients with regard to Council, SA Water, and Development Assessment Commission requirements for land divisions 
  • Surveying the land and marking of the new property boundaries 
  • Preparation of final land division plans and lodging of the plan with the Lands Titles Office 
  • Liaising with our client and with other relevant professionals in regard to the issuing of new Certificates of Title
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Our experienced subdivisions team

Our experienced team includes licensed surveyors and specialist land division managers, and we aim to provide our clients with reliable, personal, and professional service. We also offer quality solutions and outcomes along with outstanding value for money. We have land division managers and administration staff, plan drafters, and licensed surveyors all working in our office. This means that we don’t have to go outside of the firm for the preparation of your plans or for the hiring of our field surveyors. This gives us a critical advantage in ensuring the efficiency of our delivery and in minimising the time frames when your land division passes from one phase to the next.

The subdivisions specialists that work with you

Above all, we’re consultants. We will work with you throughout the land division process, and we will also consult with you when correspondence is received about your land division application. Our expert team will be there to offer constructive advice from start to finish. After all, we are here to help!

Call the subdivision specialists now in Adelaide on 08 8344 1522.

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